Semiconductor Test Systems and Solutions

Caspian Sales Force (CSF) has partnered with STAr Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Semiconductor Tester, Wafer Probers, Probe Cards, Yield Enhancement, and Metrology Tools. The success of your business is dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of test results. STAr Technologies provides high-performance integrated solutions that deliver quality results in a predictable timely manner. From probe cards, probe stations, and test instrument systems to test executive software and downstream data analysis, STAr has the products to ensure confidence in your test data.

STAr's expertise extends to silicon photonic test, parametric electrical test (E-test), wafer-level and package-level reliability (WLR & PLR), mixed-signal automatic test equipment (ATE), DC-RF device characterization test, reliability qualification, assembly, and packaging services, wafer acceptance, and wafer sort probe cards, load boards, burn-in board, and other consumables.

Caspian Sales Force



  • Parametric Test Solutions
  • Reliability Test Solutions
  • IC Automated Test Solutions
  • RF & Wireless Test Solutions
  • Photonics & Optronics Test Solutions
  • Power Electronics Test Solutions
  • FPD & LED Test Solutions

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